An ongoing project. 

With the OYS 2030 renewal program, the operation and premises of the Oulu University Hospital are renewed to meet the challenges of future special health care. We are involved in the OYS 2030 construction project in two different subprojects: the B building in cooperation with Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, and the radiotherapy building with Hartela Pohjois-Suomi Oy. We supply and install the reinforcements for these projects. 


Valkea Shopping Centre is a mall owned by the Arina Cooperative Society and located in the centre of the City of Oulu. In addition to 60 shops, Valkea also houses the Sokos Department Store as well as 66 apartments. Valkea Shopping Centre was completed in the centre of Oulu in March 2016. At this site, we cooperated with Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, supplying and installing ca. 1,000 tons of steel reinforcement. 

Outokumpu Deep Mine

An ongoing project. 

The project consists of building a 104-meter-high headframe at the Outokumpu Chromium Mine in Kemi. The 66-meter-high part above ground was built using the slip forming method. In this project, we cooperate with NCC Suomi Oy, supplying and installing ca. 2,500 tons of steel reinforcement. 


Revontuli is a shopping centre opened in 2007 in Rovaniemi. From the civil engineering point of view, this was an unusually challenging site, since it was partly constructed on top of highway 4 that crosses the centre of Rovaniemi. In this project, we cooperated with Skanska Talonrakennus Oy, supplying and installing ca. 1,500 tons of steel reinforcement.


Kevitsa mine is a copper and nickel mine that began operations in June 2012 in Sodankylä. The decision to open the mine was made in November 2009, and the construction works at the mining area began in June 2010. In this project, we cooperated with Lemminkäinen Talo Oy, supplying and installing ca. 4,000 tons of steel reinforcement.