It was the year 1993. Finland was in deep recession. Construction business, in particular, faced serious difficulties. Major construction companies reduced their services and outsourced the steel reinforcement works. In order to keep working in the field of reinforcement, Pentti Laurila had to become an entrepreneur. His nephew Antti Laurila, who had just finished his military service, was also looking for a job. They decided to set up a business. That is how Penan Raudoitus Oy was established. 

In the first years, there were just the two of them fixing steel reinforcements, but as the workload increased, it was time to recruit staff. The first growth leap was taken in 1995, when the company got to participate in the Lumi 7 project that consisted of constructing the second paper mill of Oulu. 


After the turn of the millennium, the company kept growing. The growth was boosted by the construction boom of the early 2000s. Finland switched over to the euro, urbanisation accelerated, many apartment blocks and shopping centres were built. The industrial sector made investments. 

The financial crisis of 2008 brought major challenges for the whole sector. The investments declined, the prices dropped, and the increase changed into decrease. 


By the next decade, investments in wind power began to increase rapidly, thanks to governmental assistance. Penan Raudoitus Oy had participated in wind power projects already in the 1990s and was now at the forefront in offering its expertise to the clients. Consequently, the company was involved in multiple projects and provided the steel reinforcements for the majority of wind farm foundations in 2012-2017. 

The new decade also brought along reforms to the core business of the company. A fixed establishment in the Taka-Laanila district of Oulu enabled stock sales and further processing of rebar to a wider customer base. Reinforcements could now be manufactured quickly and smoothly for all kinds of needs. The clients appreciated the flexibility and clarity offered by the projects executed by our company. In addition to excellent customer service, the clients noticed that they were saving time and money by using our comprehensive service. 


As the operations evolved and the customer base grew wider, the company needed more space. In October 2019, we moved into new premises that were built near the highway in Tupos village of the municipality of Liminka. We renewed our brand and concentrated our external visibility under the Raudoitus.com brand.